It is an honour to get to be the first to welcome everyone to Highland Squared! My name is Samuel J. Lawson, and I'm a trustee of the Scottish Society of Indianapolis as well as a member of the Highland Games planning committee. Over the past several years I've felt there's something missing from the games. I think that may be a sense of knowing who the Athletes are and what they do. It's my hope that putting together something that feels more like a community in which attendees, athletes, and highland clan conveners can get a preview of what's to come by getting to know each other.

Here are the basics: First, you just sign up as a user - may you're an attendee, or just are interested in Highland athletics. Second, if you're an athlete, create an athlete profile. You can also create one for your spouse, older child, parent, or other. These athletes will be your responsibility to keep up with registration and stats (should you choose to provide). Third, you register for a games -- Adding an athlete profile does NOT mean you've registered - you've still got to tell us you plan to participate. Lastly, when it's time for the bad news (i.e. payment) you will be taken to a 3rd party payment site, PayPal -- this protects us all since no payment information whatsoever gets stored at

Above all, have fun!